Birth: 2521

Id : X162

Rank: Lt. General

Homeworld: Earth

X162 (xXULTIMATEFXx) is a Spartan who joined the Spartan III program in 2546, he then was upgraded to spartan IV in 2557.


A battle raged on the planet of Reach. X1622 was only a Corpral at the time, but he was pretty good with a knive, and sneak attacks.

He was part of Noble Team, known to work with Spartan CruelCR0SSFIRE, they did not know eachother much, all they knew was to defend reach.

Explosions everywere, X162 found some cover behind a box, he was pinned down by hundreds of enemys, he had to get back to his team, he got split up with them when the battle started.

He had to take a risk to get back to his team, so he sprinted right through the enemy line, he then got shot in the leg, he fell down, but quickly got back up.

He finally found his team escaping, running into ships, X162 ran as fast as he could, he made it into one of the ships in time to escape.